The debut Dusk Brothers EP 'Storms, Rum, Liars & Guns' - Each card sleeve is numbered by hand, by the Dusk Brothers.


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Each CD ships with:


  • 2 x Heavy duty weather-resistant Dusk Brothers Shield Logo stickers.
  • 1 x Dusk Brothers celluloid guitar pick (black with gold foil double sided print). 


Songs and music by Dusk Brothers.

Cover design and artwork by Dusk Brothers.

Recorded at Crossleaze Studios, Bath, UK. Produced by Stew Jackson (Massive Attack collaborator). 


'Absolutely phenomenal'

- Sid Randell (Ghostrider Country Music Radio)


'They're gonna be huge'

- Alex Krupa (Andover Radio)


'You couldn't replicate their sound.  It's tough and it's gritty and it's quite ingenious.'  


'Storms, Rum, Liars & Guns' EP (CD)