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nafiche 123
Jun 15, 2022
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Douyin, viewing the next video is a high-frequency behavior of users, and this type of short video app expects users to consume as much content as possible and watch more videos, so it is best to use the best interactive gesture operation in product design. The user behavior that occurs executive email list is very reasonable. However, for Tantan, scrolling down to view more is not the core demand of users. Users open Tantan to find a match, not to see how many little brothers there are on Tantan executive email list. For photos, why don't I go to Chen Weiting's Weibo? Right, so Tantan actually doesn't want users to consume content and then keep scrolling down to see the next content. What users want is to find a match and quickly strike up a conversation and build a relationship. Based on this user request, what Tantan needs to do is: [Provided content] Based on user portraits, recommend possible matching objects [Assisted in quick matching decision-making] executive email list The first is to provide as little and critical information as possible to help users build profiles of each other, including photos, age, constellation, and geographic location. Other than that, provide as few options as possible i.e. like, dislike, super like. Screenshot of Tantan homepage Super liking is a feature packaged for membership to some extent. For a single object, in fact, all decisions can be simplified into executive email list like and dislike. Decisions become easier when there are enough options. Otherwise, it will take a long time to think about just eliminating the wrong answer. As a negative example, if the user's decision for a single object is divided into four levels, " executive email list love at first sight", "interested and want to try", "a little excited but do not want to actively pursue" and "completely not interested in the next". Good guy, just understanding these categories is very laborious, and you need to think about which category is appropriate. If there is no fish in the "love at first sight" pool, executive email list continue to decide whether there is a "love at first sight" type in the pool of "interested and want to try", and the whole decision-making process will change. It is very complicated, and it is difficult to support such a detailed classification based on limited information such as photos. Therefore, Tantan helps users make quick decisions
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nafiche 123

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