Since 2015 brothers Graeme and Iain (E) Moncrieff have, in every sense, been building their dark, gritty, bluesy sound from the ground up. Their visceral live shows have astounded audiences and begun to accrue a dedicated fanbase at gigs and festivals across the UK, including the acclaimed Buckle & Boots Country Festival in 2018 and the UK cigar box guitar festival Boxstock.


The trademark Dusk Brothers sound derives from self-built guitars, percussive stomp-boxes with foot operated cymbals, various percussion instruments made from anything they can get their hands on (think old oil cans, pots and pans etc) and valve guitar amplifiers built from scratch in their own workshop. Combining all of that with growling vocal harmonies and blues harp, the brothers are two one-man-bands playing simultaneously to create an incredibly huge and distinctive sound.


Dusk Brothers’ debut EP ’Storms, Rum, Liars and Guns' was released on Saturday 16th Feb 2019 to critical acclaim and with a very hot, sweaty, buzzing and packed out launch gig in their home town of Bristol. ​

Dusk Brothers are an 'Extraordinary Dark Swamp Blues' two-man-band from Bristol, UK.

We began learning guitar from the ages of 15 and 16. For over twenty years since, we have been a part of the songwriting core of several rock bands. We have realised the ethos that whatever the size of the audience, when you play, you have to MEAN IT. When you rehearse, you do the same. Otherwise there will always be something missing from the experience, for you and for anyone else who happens to catch your sounds.

Late in 2014 we discovered the cigar box guitar movement: a ‘revolution' in which people build their own guitars, inspired by the makeshift instruments built from well over a hundred years ago by people who could not afford to own anything else.

Cigar box guitars range from very basic ’stick-in-a-box’ instruments, to much more refined, high quality guitars, but the ethos of building a one-of-a-kind instrument is still there at the heart of the movement. The ‘cigar box guitar revolution’ also happens to be heavily saturated with blues music, a genre both of us have always had a love for for but never played in our previous bands.

With the discovery of cigar box guitars, combined with the fortunate existence of our own workshop (in a leaky garage) containing an array of tools from our previous clock-making enterprise, the first Moncrieff-built guitars came to be. Having learned the basics of slide guitar, in May 2015 we got together during a family holiday to start working on a couple of songs. The guitars were both plugged through a small mixer and into a single Park guitar amp. It sounded awful. But the songs were there and the raw blues sound we were beginning to make was bewitching and addictive.

Since those early rehearsals, with the subsequent creation of percussive stomp boxes, ingenious foot- operated cymbals, new and improved guitars (Graeme’s ‘Firebox' guitar now simultaneously functions as a bass) and the addition of a harmonica into the mix, We have shaped and crafted our sound into something truly unique.


Our live shows are always played with intensity. With serious, delirious fervour.  When Dusk Brothers play, we MEAN IT. 
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Dark Swamp Blues Americana Band - Bristol, UK