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Every Friday - 8:30pm BST

Featuring live dark swamp blues music,  guest interviews and the Dusk Brothers hangin' at the bar in the Dusk Brothers Rum Shack, bringing the fun and answering your questions.


The show is streamed live on our Facebook page and then uploaded onto our YouTube channel.


Episode 6: Testing out your rum cocktail recipes, banter at the bar in the Dusk Brothers Rum Shack and dark swamp blues music:  "On & On”, "The Old Holler Medicine Show”, "The Firing Line” and "Doggagh Brutus"

Episode 5: In this episode we build a fuzz effect using a drum. Plus banter at the rum bar and stripped back bar versions of our dark swamp blues music: "Ladies Man”, "Heart Like An Ocean” and "Doggagh Brutus”.

Episode 4: Building the "Bar Guitar" - a playable makeshift guitar built onto the rum bar - and stripped back performances of "Doggagh Brutus", "Ladies Man", "The Old Holler Medicine Show" and "Rum River".

Episode 3: A tour of the Dusk Brothers Rum Shack, an interview with guitar buider Steve Chilvers from Holy Grail Vintage Roots Guitars,  and stripped back performances of "I Became King", "The Old Holler Medicine Show" and "The Firing Line".

Episode 2: An insightful interview with Dusk Brothers manager Jim Davey and stripped back versions of songs "This Is Hell", "Hold On" and "The Damage Done".

Episode 1: Featuring an interview with punk blues legend Hollowbelly and stripped back versions of Dusk Brothers songs "The Old Holler Medicine Show", "Hold On" and "Ladies Man".