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Carlisle Blues Festival Pledge

This is one of the very few festivals that we may still be able to play at this year. It's on a knife edge though and they're asking for pledges to buy tickets, rather than actual ticket sales, so they can make an educated guess as to whether they can afford to go ahead with ticket sales at short notice if they get the chance.

If you're hoping to go to this festival, please pledge to buy tickets by emailing or call 07725 801582 and state what type of ticket is being pledged.

At some point small gatherings (Carlisle will fit into that category) will be deemed safe to run, it's just a matter of when. At the moment there's still a chance of the festival happening, it's all ready to go provided there's some kind of assurance that sufficient tickets will sell in a short space of time.

For ticket details please visit

Take care and be safe!


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