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"Cigar Box Blues - The Makers Of A Revolution" [Trailer]

Trailer for "Cigar Box Blues - The Makers Of A Revolution". This documentary will be broadcast on BBC 4 (time and date tbc).

It was previously broadcast on BBC 1 West Midlands on December 16 2019, and has featured in several film festivals worldwide. Click here to watch the trailer on YouTube.

"We meet the passionate makers and players of cigar box guitars. Many of these craftsmen and musicians are from post-industrial British towns, and have created a self-identity through making these unique three-stringed guitars. Born from the blues, their simple, low cost, ‘no rules’ approach means anyone can try their hand.

These are the fervent advocates of the ‘cigar box guitar revolution’ who express their love of designing and constructing hand-made instruments, recycled from almost anything. The democratic, pro-recycling, local-production ethos of the movement inspires new recruits, while the emotional connection they feel for their instruments creates a unique and evocative sound that totally transports musicians and audiences alike.

Although the cigar box guitar has a long history in the USA, where it formed part of the culture of traditional blues music, it has only recently become popular with musicians in the UK. This film reveals how just three chords, played on their unique, DIY, instruments, hand-made from recycled materials, connect them to their truth."

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