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Dominator Valve Amplifier Build

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Here's a build diary of our Dominator valve guitar amplifier, from the Dusk Brothers workshop. We hand built the amp from scratch and finished the 1x10 cabinet with 'rough linen' (so rough it even has bits of hay in the weave!) heavily lacquered with shellac, sanded back to smooth off the hay in the linen, then a few coats of tobacco brown nitrocellulose. We added dark brown leather beading, cream faux leather piping around the speaker baffle, vintage radio knobs and a brass 'DB' symbol we designed and made from a left over peice of the silver plated jewellery box that was used for our Firebox guitar build. The ‘DOMINATOR’ tag on the front was also made from a piece of one of the red painted metal brackets that previously held the fire extinguishers in place inside the metal box that we used to make the Firebox guitar.

The front of the amp wasn't originally intended to look the way it does. It was a bit of a happy accident. It is a piece of plywood that turned out to have a slight ridge across the front which ruined the look. So the veneer on the ply was sanded back almost completely, leaving some of the orange glue beneath the veneer exposed. It was then scraped on the floor and banged against a very rough wall, then stained with ebony and dark jacobean wood dyes until it ended up looking like it had been made of an old floorboard or a very old table or something. The remaining glue now looks like old cracked varnish.

We had a bit of cream tolex left over from building the other amp, which was used for the back cover. It wasn't quite big enough to cover the entire area in one complete piece, but we worked around this by routering a couple of trenches across it and adding some more leather beading to make it look like a design feature rather than a botch job ;)It sounds awesome with the Firebox guitar too, you can here that combination on this youtube video.

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