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Dusk Brothers To Play Boomtown 2022

Dusk Brothers will play at the immersive festival on the Foggers Mill stage in Copper County at 5:30pm on Friday 12th August.

Here's some information about the festival from their website:


When the gates are thrown open in August 2022, our citizens will be witness to a brand new world! In planning for over 2 years, our dream for Chapter One is fast turning into a reality and Boomtown as you once knew it has been transformed into a new city that can now be found in the re-imagined Downtown!

For the first time ever this sunken city will cover every single inch of the Downtown valley. Born out of our ethos and vision it will be set to a soundtrack like no other, packed full of theatre and creative masterpieces, with new districts to explore and a reincarnation of some iconic favourites. You’ll be able to feel the sand between your toes at our infamous Forest Parties that will take place in the woodland areas surrounding the city, and enjoy our revolutionised camping experience at one of 3 new Campsite Villages that provide a sanctuary that overlooks the action below.

The map has definitely changed! Previously, huge areas of Downtown were taken up with camping and big backstage areas. This year, we have taken full advantage of the topography of the Downtown area we’re using over double the space and have increased not only the size of Downtown but also the opportunities it brings to add new stages, venues, technologies, sound systems, creative shows and theatrical experiences to the Boomtown mix.

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