Build Diary Of E's Amp

Updated: Feb 9

We promised we'd put together another build diary so here it is.... this time it's E's guitar amp. The build started by finding a schematic and layout, we finally settled on one put together by rob robinette (a tube amp guru) of the famous and almost unobtainable fender vibroverb. This particular version left out the reverb and vibrato which was perfect as we only had a chassis made for a much smaller amp which still needed drilling and cutouts for the tubes, wiring and transformers. The finished result surpassed all our expectations!

It all starts with a turret board. We use bakelite and machined brass turrets which we drill tight and hammer in. It's worth taking a bit of time to get this part right, especially in a tight chassis. We always add a couple of extra turrets for any tone shaping additions we want to make.

Next we add the components. It's good practice to bend at least one leg on the components to allow for expansion and leave a small tail from the turrets to make it easy to change any bad capacitors or resistors in future. We test them all before the go on the board. Once they are all dry fitted we pin them with solder spots making sure the turrets are well heated and the solder has flowed nicely. A duff connection at this point can cause a lot of headaches down the line. We leave the holes in the top of any turrets that has a wire connected.

A top view of a fairly complex little system. The copper wiring is the ground bus.

This is a small stand up board we d