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Facebook Live Gig Rescheduled

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

We’ve had to make the decision to postpone tonight’s online gig for two weeks. It’ll now be happening on 3rd April.

The reason is that my son has developed a cough today, which is potentially a symptom of Covid-19. It’s very unlikely to be the virus, but my family will be isolating for the next 14 days. E’s daughter is at extremely high risk from Covid-19, and there is no way we can justify increasing her risk of contracting it by doing the gig. She’s been very close to death several times already as a result of catching common colds, so we simply can’t afford to take even the slightest chance here. We’re absolutely gutted that we can’t play tonight, and our rum session will of course have to wait. It turns out that even online gigs aren’t safe from Covid-19 at the moment.

We were really looking forward to tonight, and we’re very sorry to let you all down.

We hope you can join us on Friday 3rd April instead. The rum will be flowing once again, and we’ll make sure we put on a hell of a show for you!

Click here and hit the 'going' or 'interested' button on the event. We can't wait to do this!

Gray & E

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