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Our Coolest Show Yet...

Head over to for 8:30pm on 25th July. You'll see our logo - click there to view our live stream.

Dusk Brothers have teamed up with Bristol production company T.H.Collective for tomorrow's live stream.

T.H.Collective have very recently developed their new e.SPACE; the next generation studio for virtual events, and we will be the first musicians to be streamed live from their world class studio. 

They have a highly professional team, a huge space and all the tech, lighting and set up that we could possibly need. This is going to be a hell of a show! 

The entire stream is completely free of charge to watch - there is zero obligation to pay a penny. If you enjoy the show and would like to buy us some rum in return for the entertainment that would be hugely appreciated and it'll help us to keep going whilst we're not earning from paid gigs. We have a PayPal 'donate' button on our website

We hope to see you then!

Gray & E

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