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A Build Diary Of Our 'Firebox Guitar'

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We thought you might be interested in some photos taken at various stages of the process of building our 'Firebox' guitar. And some nuggets of info too...

This one has an additional single string pickup under the lowest string which is on a different circuit to the other pickups and exits the guitar through a separate output jack. The signal from this pickup is sent through a sub-octave guitar effects pedal, which is what gives us our bass - which was a real game changer for the Dusk Brothers sound. The guitar's body is made from an old metal fire extinguisher case we bought from a junk shop somewhere, I think it was in Minehead. Previously we've been telling people it was used on a lifeboat, but having finally actually looked into it properly, we've just discovered that HMS Osprey was actually a historical Navy base in Portland, Dorset. We found that out from the original receipt (pictured) which came with the box.

The box also included the fire extinguisher canisters which regrettably we fired in the workshop one night after a few too many rums. That was not a good idea. The mess was very bad. Very. Very. Bad.

The silver hardware was made from pieces of an engraved antique jewellery box we bought at a car boot sale in Bristol. We really destroyed some bits of history here. Apologies for that. But, in our opinion at least, we've turned them into something that's greater than its parts.

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